The lectures will go a long way to enable the students to prepare and revise their courses as well as enhance their English language fluency

Mr J.S. Jayara, Principal of Institute for the Blind in Chandigarh

We help people with disabilities who are looking for a job, working towards a promotion or preparing for their professional career.

Our courses are designed to improve your self-confidence, employability, life-skills and language fluency through self-learning.


I applied for many jobs in many industries. But I did not find any audio materials to study from and prepare for these jobs" - C. Bushan, visually challenged individual.

Learning from individuals like C. Bushan, we have developed self-learning courses to help better the employability outcomes

User Success Story

"The pace of the instructions in the course is very good so everyone can understand it. The examples were brilliant. I didn't expect an example to be included early on in the course but I really liked it and found it helpful."

Sumit Mehta, a user living with a disability called 'Muscular Dystrophy'"

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Bilingual self-learning courses for better employability outcomes for people with disabilities.

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