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We help people with disabilities who are looking for a job, working towards a promotion or preparing for their professional career. Our free, bilingual,online courses are designed to improve self-confidence, employability skills, life-skills and language fluency for people with disabilities.

We understand that people with disabilities experience the world differently and therefore have unique communication needs. At ARISE Impact, we understand what it takes to succeed professionally, even with a disability. Through specialized training and skill development courses, we enable people with disabilities to build meaningful relationships and feel a sense of belonging to succeed in the workplace.

Our courses help our users to enhance their overall skill set and help them to present professionally to prospective employers, thereby, ensuring that they are well prepared for professional career success. Our courses are also useful for people looking to freelance and start their own business.

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Bilingual self-learning courses for better employability outcomes for people with disabilities.

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Courses we offer

Whether you are looking to start your job search or progress in your current career, we have a course to help you feel empowered on your path to professional development.

Resume Building

Learn how to craft a resume that lets your professional strengths shine.

Course Details:

This online learning course guides people with disabilities through the process of creating a resume as you search for job opportunities and build your professional network.This course includes:

  • Understanding a resume, disability disclosure
  • Items to include on a resume
  • Different ways to format a resume
  • Users' experiences with resumes through their search for employment and professional development.
  • A template for building a resume.

Course Outcomes:

After this course, you'll be able to create a professional resume that will be tailored to ensure success in job applications.

Professional Introduction

Develop your professional introductions skills to make a first impression

Course Details:

Designed to improve employability skills for people with disabilities, this online learning course helps you prepare for an effective introduction in a professional setting, especially for a job interview. This course includes:

  • Understanding a professional introduction
  • Examples of informal and professional introductions
  • Different formats of an introduction
  • Stories of real-life experiences of people with disabilities.

Course Outcomes:

After this course, you'll have the skills to ensure professional success with job interviewers, co-workers or clients.



You've registered and are now on your way to professional success! After registration, you'll be enrolled in a study group that best suits your needs and introduced to your Coach , who'll help you through the course.

Join other Users:

You will join other learners in our WhatsApp study groups, led by trained professionals. In your study group, you'll receive useful tips and information through guided self-learning courses, carefully created to ensure you achieve your professional development goals.


Our experiential learning process lets you apply what you've learnt in your course by practising real-life learning exercises with your peers and your Coach. Remember, your Coaches are always available for 1:1 guidance and to answer any of your professional development questions.


Since 2010, we have supported over 1000 people with disabilities with their education, employment and professional development needs.

Our Courses

“Nice and new courses. Information was available earlier but never in an organized form like this. Will recommend it to friends”


Institute for the Blind in Chandigarh, India

The pace of the instructions in the course is very good so everyone can understand it. The examples were brilliant. I didn’t expect an example to be included early on in the course but I really liked it and found it helpful

Sumit Mehta

a user living with a disability called 'Muscular Dystrophy', India

“Most useful part of course was the ease of use.”

Jack O'Connor

Trainer at Matthew Reardon school of Autism in Savannah, USA.

“Most useful part of [the] course was realizing the components to any type of employment.”

Anthony D Taylor

student and trainer at Savannah Center for the Blind in Savannah, USA.

“Length was good. I would definitely recommend this content to others. I think the introduction is great. The aspect that I felt was most useful [was] when the trainer stated what information is important to employers. It comes in handy when a potential employee knows what to expect.”

Anika Futch

Trainer at Savannah Center for the Blind in Savannah, USA.

“Course explains exactly what is a resume. I understand the importance of explaining what a resume is to my clients. Most useful: Identifying what needs to be on a resume.”

Anika Futch

Trainer at Savannah Center for the Blind in Savannah, USA.