SPECIAL Content Methodology

Our award winning content methodology: SPECIAL (Specialized, Perceptive, Experiential, Concept, Instruction Augmented, Learning) , is designed to help people with disabilities build a self-learning life skill-set.

The methodology focuses on a user-centered process to create highly engaging and usable content with experiential context.

The core tenets of SPECIAL Methodology are:

  • User stories for personalization and relatability
  • Single consolidated bilingual course rather the separate translations
  • Multiple iterative testing on various parameters:
    1. Pace and pause
    2. Human narrated
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Clarity
ARISE Impact Special Methodology

Our Impact

Special Education courses

Our capstone service is delivering audio based, bilingual Special Education courses (SEMs) for visually challenged students. To date, these SEMs have impacted over 1000 people with disabilities in India.

Impact studies demonstrated an increase in the engagement levels for audio-based SEMs to 95-98%, covering the entire spectrum of blindness, whereas traditional audio resources are around 30-40%.

Test scores were up by 21% on average, measured across subjects.

ARISE Impact Special Education courses

Our current work:

The bilingual courses contain experiential , self-learning resources that cover life-skills topics such as communication and introducing oneself, and work-skills topics such as resume building and teamwork.

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Bilingual self-learning courses for better employability outcomes for people with disabilities.

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