icon SEM

Our SEMs help visually challenged children to develop a life skill set of self-learning. Through language fluency and conceptual learning, these Modules have helped transform their education, increase employability and thus boost their self-confidence dramatically.

We have conducted in-classroom and on-ground research studies to model the learning mechanism of visually challenged children. Feedback Surveys were undertaken to study the best possible combinations of speed and content, design of Educational module packages and ease of various deployment platforms catering to the educational needs for approximately 1000 students to date.

Our SEM Project in History, Civics, Economics & Geography has increased the learning rates and resulted in a 21.5% (approximate - 2 or 3 students out of a batch size of 13-14 students) increase in number of students shifting from second division to first division in matriculation.

icon Key Features

- Make self-learning accessible anytime, anywhere

- Require no additional aids

- Test scores and English fluency

- Have been tested for quality and effectiveness

- Bilingual

- Encourage natural curiosity towards new concepts

- Are simple, clear, natural-voiced and slow paced

- Have proprietary content

- Allow easy retention of information

icon Impact

- We have transformed the education of over 1000 visually challenged children.

- Results have shown a 21.5% increase in average test scores.

- Our engagement levels measure vs 30-40% with comparable resources.

- We have a referral rate of 4 people per user.

- Our programs help students acquire conversational English by matriculation stage.