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We are continuing to build our networks and partnerships, forming close ties with employers and other institutions. These affiliations help us ensure career success, as well as learning and development for individuals with disabilities. Such collaborations are also vital for developing management frameworks and process design for higher productivity and engagement at workplace for employees with disabilities.

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We work with:

Non-profit/ social enterprises :

Institutions such as Bookshare, Institute for the Blind are pivotal in helping us conduct user-testing as well as disseminate the self-learning resources. Our guided self-learning resources for better employability outcomes are published on Bookshare, for the wider disabled community to access.

Employers/ Corporates :

We work with Employers/ Corporates such as the Dell EMC True Ability team to better understand the needs of employees with disabilities. Through carefully crafted surveys, we are able to gather information around the accessibility and training needs for the workplaces that employ people with disabilities.

Universities/ Research Institutions:

Our work with institutions such as MIT, Northeastern University and NITTTR help us gather and analyze data that aids in our resource development. Through this work, we are able to identify the pain points of the disabled population, develop the right solutions and focus on the most effective delivery and dissemination channels.

Community groups:

Community groups such as Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy on Facebook, as well as Diversability, are essential in our advocacy and community outreach efforts.

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Bilingual self-learning courses for better employability outcomes for people with disabilities.

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